When our hearts ache with longing for direction and leaders who can skillfully steer us through this chaos—leaders who possess the skill to mend the fractures—we must ask: Could it be that true leadership isn’t an external influence? What if the solutions lie within our own radical self-awareness.

Leadership, perhaps, begins within ourselves — peeling back the layers and acknowledging our inherited and acquired biases. It’s a profound act of self-awareness and coming to terms with what we ignore and avoid. The ability to wholeheartedly acknowledge all aspects of ourselves—the good, the not-so-good, and even the ugly.

Perhaps leadership is not about knowing all the answers. Sometimes, it requires the power of silence—moments of introspection and humility. It’s about acknowledging that none of us holds a monopoly on wisdom. It’s in our willingness to pause, to listen, and to learn.

Perhaps leadership isn’t about preserving an image; rather, it’s about authenticity. It’s not about repressing emotions but about feeling deeply and connecting on a human level.

Maybe, just maybe, leadership isn’t about having all the solutions. It’s more about conversations, time, and reflection. Maybe it’s about holding space, listening, moderating, and asking the right questions and resisting the pressure to be performative about heavy things.

Could it be that Leadership is recognizing that “Truth” doesn’t change based on belief or consensus. It’s understanding that objective reality exists beyond our opinions. It’s also grasping that the world isn’t just black and white; it’s a complex gray zone with multiple coexisting truths.

Maybe leadership is transcending the noise of “nuance,” “context,” “justification,” “propaganda,” “sensationalism,” and “ego” and muster enough courage to see the big picture.

Perhaps, it’s about speaking our truth and yet, not controlling every outcome but hopefully empowering people around us to find their own way.

Perhaps leadership is not about being a solitary figure at the top but about standing shoulder to shoulder with others, fostering collaboration, connection, and empathy. It isn’t just about us — it’s about everyone else around us. We all influence each other and create a profound ripple effect that inspires others around us to do the same.

And maybe, leadership fundamentally involves believing that we are all works in progress.

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