In the ebb and flow of life, between moments of calm and turmoil, a powerful yet often overlooked force emerges: our energy. This force not only shapes our personal experiences but also resonates, influencing both our environment and the people we encounter. Crafted by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), the Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) Assessment offers a lens, translating this energy into discernible layers.

What is the Energy Leadership (ELI) Assessment?

The ELI Assessment is a diagnostic tool designed to analyze and pinpoint the types of energy a person exhibits. By capturing how individuals respond to certain circumstances, especially during periods of stress or burnout, the ELI provides valuable insights. It classifies energy into seven distinct levels, helping individuals identify their predominant energy states. With this awareness, one can work towards harnessing more effective and constructive energies to elevate personal and professional experiences.

Energy Leadership: A Deeper Dive

Energy Leadership offers more than just identifying our vibrational high and low points. It grants insight into the very core of these energies, revealing the reasons, the ‘whys’, behind every frequency we emit.

The Energy Landscape: From Catabolic to Anabolic

In the vast expanse of energy frequencies, two primary categories emerge: catabolic and anabolic energies. Catabolic energy, often seen as draining or negative, tends to pull us down, creating feelings of restriction and constriction. On the flip side, anabolic energy uplifts, empowers, and drives growth and expansion. The ELI Assessment illuminates where we lie on this spectrum, helping us navigate from the draining catabolic states to the expansive anabolic realms.

Here’s a deeper dive into the spectrum of energies we possess:

  • Level 1 (Victim Energy): Here, one may feel ensnared by circumstances, as if life is directing them. Marked by apathy and avoidance, it’s a space of passive acceptance.
  • Level 2 (Anger Energy): This level pulses with frustration, where one feels life is a series of actions propelled by them, often with defiance.
  • Level 3 (Rationalization): A shift begins. One starts to believe that life molds around their actions, accompanied by feelings of forgiveness and understanding.
  • Level 4 (Care): In this nurturing space, one believes they are a conduit for life’s events, feeling deeply connected and compassionate.
  • Level 5 (Opportunity): Here, challenges are seen as chances. It’s a reconciliatory energy where life is perceived as a play of opportunities.
  • Level 6 (Joy): Harmonious and intuitive, this level resonates with the belief that one is in sync with life’s dance.
  • Level 7 (Absolute Passion): The zenith. A space of boundless creativity where life is simply an unfolding experience, devoid of judgments.


The Everyday Dance of Energies

The beauty of the Energy Leadership Index is its deep relevance in daily life. Every decision, every interaction, every introspective moment is tinted by our dominant energy level. By harnessing this awareness, transitions from states of burnout to exhilaration become not just possible but effortless.

Cultivating and Elevating Your Energy:

  • The Power of Self-awareness: Dive deep into your own energy states. Understanding where you predominantly operate from not only fosters self-acceptance but also illuminates how your vibrations impact the world around you.
  • Guided by Mindfulness: Mindfulness isn’t just a practice; it’s a lifestyle. Whether it’s through meditation, deep breathing, or moments of quiet reflection, grounding yourself helps navigate the ebb and flow of energies.
  • Shaping Perspectives: Every challenge holds a seed of opportunity. Instead of seeing obstacles, perceive them as puzzles, waiting to be solved, canvases longing for your unique imprint.
  • Consciously Craft Your Circle: People influence energy, both ours and the collective. Choose to be with individuals who nurture, challenge, and elevate your energy, creating a harmonious resonance.
  • Pursue Heartfelt Alignment: Life’s most resonant moments occur when there’s alignment between the inner self and external actions. Find activities, tasks, or passions that deeply resonate with your core. It’s in these moments of alignment that energy not only elevates but also flourishes, leading to a life of profound satisfaction and impact.


Ready to Rediscover Your Energy?
Burned out and seeking a transformative shift? I’m offering a complimentary 45-minute coaching consultation to get you started on your ELI journey. Through a coaching debrief-session, discover how the ELI Assessment can reshape your perspective and rekindle your drive. 

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