Who do you primarily serve?

I work closely with people from all walks of life, including professionals, leaders, and everyday individuals who are eager to find more joy, purpose, and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. Whether they’re facing different types of burnout—be it physical, emotional, or spiritual—these people are looking for ways to unlock their full potential and live a more meaningful life.

How are coaching. mentoring, therapy, and counseling different from each other?

Coaching, mentoring, therapy, and counseling each serve distinct purposes and exhibit unique characteristics. Coaching represents a collaborative partnership that assists individuals in achieving self-defined goals at their own pace, with a focus on the future and actionable steps. Conversely, therapy delves into past experiences to enhance emotional and psychological well-being. Mentoring involves guidance from a more experienced individual in a specific field, while coaching is non-directive, encouraging individuals to discover their own solutions.

Life coaching, specifically, centers on goal achievement and personal and professional skill enhancement. It operates as a supportive guide to success, akin to a motivational hype squad. In contrast, therapy addresses past traumas and mental health challenges, offering tools for emotional healing and well-being, akin to an emotional first-aid kit. Both approaches offer unique benefits tailored to individual needs and objectives.

How can I determine if your coaching services are a good fit for me?

Our initial consultation session is a discovery meeting where we’ll get to know each other through conversation. During this session, we’ll explore your goals and ensure that my coaching style aligns with your expectations. This session provides an excellent opportunity for you to assess whether my services are well-suited to your needs.

Are you a certified coach?

I hold a certification as a professional coach from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), an ICF-approved program. Additionally, I am certified as a health coach and a yoga instructor. My coaching approach integrates elements from my extensive academic background, which includes a Master’s in Science and a Master’s in Business Administration.

What is your coaching philosophy?

My coaching philosophy centers on optimizing personal energy, emphasizing the interplay between energy, body, mind, performance, and life satisfaction. I leverage concrete, research-backed frameworks, such as the IPEC’s transformative Core Energy Coaching™ model and the innovative Energy Leadership Index™ assessment. Employing a holistic approach grounded in physiology, psychology, philosophy, and performance management is pivotal in unlocking your full potential and achieving your goals.

What can I expect from your coaching process?

As your thinking partner, we will collaboratively explore your challenges and growth opportunities. This process involves identifying and transforming underlying beliefs and attitudes that influence your behavior, emotions, and overall energy. The objective is to enhance your self-awareness of your energy levels and facilitate positive changes in your life. The outcome is a more content, engaged, and self-assured version of yourself, capable of driving improved performance, fostering better teamwork, nurturing deeper relationships, and exhibiting stronger leadership.

Where are your coaching services available?

I offer remote services conducted via phone or video calls. For individuals in the Washington DC area, arrangements can be made for in-person one-on-one sessions, group sessions, and customized events.

Can you guarantee specific coaching outcomes?

While I cannot provide absolute guarantees regarding specific outcomes, I am committed to equipping you with essential tools, unwavering support, and a well-defined structure aimed at enhancing self-awareness concerning your energy levels and patterns. Together, our objective is to work toward your fulfillment and satisfaction, ensuring that you operate at an elevated conscious level.

How is confidentiality handles in your coaching practice?

I adhere to the ICF’s Code of Ethics, which includes rigorous confidentiality standards for all client information. This ensures the establishment of a secure and trustworthy coaching relationship.

What can Core Energy Coaching do for me and how does it work?

Core Energy Coaching is an exceptional technique I employ as a certified professional coach to assist you in attaining success and fulfillment. We will closely collaborate, delving into your innermost thoughts and beliefs. Through the identification and transformation of underlying beliefs and attitudes shaping your behavior and energy, we facilitate positive change. This process allows us to explore your perceptions and responses to various situations, ultimately developing strategies to shift patterns and cultivate an empowering perspective. Through Core Energy Coaching, you will unlock your potential, break free from limitations, and experience heightened success and fulfillment in various aspects of your life.

What is the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and how does it contribute to the coaching process?

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment serves as a powerful diagnostic tool, providing valuable insights into your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and leadership capabilities. It assesses your ability to lead yourself and others toward positive and sustainable action, shedding light on how your energy influences your life, relationships, and work.

In the coaching process, the ELI assessment plays a substantial role, acting as a mirror that reflects your current state and the predominant areas of your energy. This assessment aids us in comprehensively understanding your unique energy profile, serving as the foundation for creating a personalized roadmap toward your development and success. By utilizing insights from the ELI Assessment, we can tailor our coaching approach to address specific areas, empowering you to make meaningful life changes.

What is the Energy Leadership Development System and how can it benefit me?

The Energy Leadership Development System is a comprehensive program designed to elevate your leadership skills and transform your personal and professional life. It offers a systematic approach to enhancing your ability to inspire and motivate yourself and others toward success. This system is built on the foundation of the 7 levels of leadership and encompasses various elements, including working with a coach, undergoing the Energy Leadership Index assessment, and engaging with personalized modules designed to address your unique goals and challenges.

By embracing the Energy Leadership Development System, you gain valuable insights and tools to enhance self-awareness, confidence, and effectiveness in achieving your desired outcomes. It empowers you to tap into your full potential, leading a more fulfilling and successful life. Whether your goal is to enhance performance, improve relationships, or find greater satisfaction in all areas of your life, this system serves as a guiding force on your journey of personal and professional growth.

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."


— George Eliot


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