“Human beings have a strong dramatic instinct toward binary thinking, a basic urge to divide things into two distinct groups, with nothing but an empty gap in between.” ― Hans Rosling

We love to dichotomize. But the truth is that there are more overlaps than gaps.

Events that are beyond our control and comprehension have increased exponentially recently. The pandemic has prompted us to reevaluate our lives, our belief system, health, food, relationships, and our overall natural ecosystem. What’s happening around us is sometimes hard to put into words. It’s about reconciling “logic” with parts of ourselves and our world that are beyond the scope of science and the rational mind. But perhaps the very messy coexistence of science, logic, and a collective global wisdom is exactly what we need to be better positioned to respond to this crisis and other challenges to humankind over the next century.

Outside the intricacies of our body’s flesh and blood, there is another dimension made of energy that penetrates and extends beyond our skin. It is the essence of who we are ― a subtle vibration of everything physical and inert in our universe. Through the language of human energy, modern science and ancient contemplative wisdom have the potential to illuminate each other. The pandemic calls for facts and logic and it also accentuates the need for virtue ethics: the cultivation of personality types that care about protecting and preserving all aspects of the world; personality types that care for the thriving of all forms of life since their well-being is intertwined and interconnected; and personality types that take care of the human energy system ― physical, mental, emotional, spiritual ― so as to ensure the ability of future generations to thrive in this world.

You can be authentic, question mainstream “everything”, and think your own thoughts without falling prey to conspiracy theories. You can meditate and practice yoga and choose activism over neutralism. You can eat organic food, mistrust GMOs, believe in essential oils, be concerned about corporations and be a logical person. You can optimize your immune system living a holistic lifestyle and believe in epidemiology. You can question Big Pharma’s motives and believe that vaccines have saved lives. You can be critical of the “system” and wear a mask in public to protect yourself and others. You can choose to not live in fear and anxiety and take necessary precautions for your health and safety. You can believe in the healing powers of Alternative Medicine and appreciate aspects of Western Medicine. You can strive for success and prosperity and believe in climate change. You can be spiritual and believe in the vast universe of energy and practice critical thinking. You can have clear convictions and values and believe that life is not black and white.

Maybe we need to connect the dots, cultivate Beginner’s Mind and be more accepting of the uncomfortable nature of the overlaps. The current pandemic provides us with the unique and necessary opportunity to reimagine and restructure our relationship with our thoughts, decisions, energy and eco system. It is reminding us to acknowledge, with humility, our quintessential equality and interdependency.

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